The Science behind Universal Vibrations of AUM/OM & Shankh (Conch Shell)

Conch shells have a significant place in Indian mythology. It is believed that if we hold a conch shell near our ear, the sound of the ocean humming gently resonates from within. It is actually the natural vibration or cosmic energy of the earth that gets magnified on entering the conch shell and keeps vibrating forever.

These unique whorls are directed clockwise in perfect synchronization with universal harmony. That is why a conch shell is blown during sacred rites to get rid of negative energy.  By blowing the conch 3 times before beginning any ritualistic worship, movement of negative energies in the environment is reduced remarkably.

Scientific studies have observed the vibrations in a shell of a large predatory sea snail only found in the Indian Ocean. The species has the scientific name now of Turbinella pyrum and are classified within the family Turbinellidae. Aum like vibrations are powerful and their frequency can alter thin sand to form many sacred geometries which are being studied now.

There will always be some aspects that science cannot prove but spirituality can.

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