Don’t Try To Be Happy

Happiness is a natural state which you return to again and again. When you are not happy, you shouldn’t try to be happy, but try to feel what you are feeling. Wishing for happiness and comparing your current state with happiness, gets in the way of feeling what you are feeling and compounds the suffering.

You can do activities that might lead to happiness, such as be with friends, exercise, drink water, meditate, go for walks, listen to music, shop, eat, anything that you think may help create the conditions of happiness in your life, but as you do those things, pay attention to how you are feeling, not how you want to feel or should feel.

As you feel the more painful emotions, try to stay present with the feelings, you will see that you can handle them. When you focus on the feelings, you can see the thoughts that come with them. Let the thoughts go. Let the stories go. Let the emotions go.

Although, when you are not feeling happy, trying to feel happy can get in the way of feeling what you are feeling, the practice of staying present with your mind is the practice of returning to happiness. You can understand it is there, but you don’t have to look at it. Keep looking at where you are, and without trying you will become happy. You can feel it then.

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