Moon, Fish, Ocean is a Little-Known Zen Pastime

Moon, Fish, Ocean is a little-known Zen pastime for one, two, or three players.  Every game is a mindful meditation that communicates a Buddhist poem through sign language.  A less poetic, trendy version of “Moon, Fish, Ocean” is popularly known as “Rock, Paper, Scissors.”

You can play the game online at the official website.

Here’s a tip for taking the game on the road:

Use Moon-Fish-Ocean to navigate the maze of pathways in a formal garden (especially a garden with a koi pond). You and your companion should throw a hand gesture at each crossroad or forked path. If the person on the left wins, go left. If the person on the right wins, go right. If it’s a tie, continue walking straight ahead (or throw another round in the case of only two choices of direction). The game is guaranteed to lead you to all sorts of beautiful areas of the gardens you didn’t know about, simply because you would never have gone down certain (less eye-enticing) paths. So Moon-Fish-Ocean can serve as a form of navigation in which Lady Luck dictates the itinerary.

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