Crystal Herbalism- The Fae Realm

Fae energy is all around us. The magic is in the earth.Taking time to look, listen, and appreciate the natural world around you is one of the most important things to do in life. To truly understand the earth you live on you must feel a part of it. The Fae world is hidden and if you look close enough you can connect with them.

Faeries hold the energy of creativity, strength, beauty, lucid dreams, and courage. They are strong spiritual creatures who reign upon the unseen world. They are natural leaders who protect the nature spirits from dark spirits.

To truly connect with a Fae you must open your heart and their eye, you will have to collect crystals that have the same energy frequency as the, such as (Ex): Fairy Amethyst, White Fairy Quartz, Rose Quartz, Fairy Cross(as seen above), Preseli Bluestone and Labradorite. There are many herbs that connect to Fae but my favorites are Rose, Lavender, Mint, and Marigold. Gardening, meditating, and walks within the woods are great ways to connect with the Fae. In hopes to connect with high Fae rankings like (Royal bloods) you must mediate during the full moon.

The Fae are nature spirit royalty, their stories have been crafted over thousands of years by many cultures, from the hills of Scotland to the cold of Russia. Their legends still grow strong within the depths of the earth and the whispers of the wind.

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