Top 7 Yoga Retreats


Planning your vacations? Maybe July and August were too busy for you. Your coworkers applied for summer vacations and you were stuck working alone to fill their place. Well now that they are back you can plan a vacation for yourself. August isn’t a bad time at all to escape from regular stressful routine. But if you are willing to relax yourself on this vacation, looking for your emotional as well as physical well-being, then a yoga retreat may just be the thing for you.

I’m taking a yes for yoga: all you need to do is choose the best yoga retreat for yourself from this list of 7.

Best Yoga Retreat # 1: Silver Island

Located in Greece, Silver Island is a privately owned yoga retreat. It is a place which offers a unique yoga experience. Built by Christie family, it has now completed 50 years and offers pure inner peace.

To practice the art of yoga, Silver Island is that ultimate magical spot. Completely surrounded by nature, this yoga retreat employs environmental friendly practices such as solar power to generate electricity.

To plan your vacation to this island visit: Silver Island Yoga Retreat

Top Yoga Retreats # 2: Alpine Yoga

Alpine Yoga Centre is located in Portugal. This retreat is owned by Kelly Atkins, who has developed a unique yogic package for vacationers. Her yogic style combines practicing yoga first, followed by ocean surfing, enjoying your stay as you chill and finally relaxing in the eternal sunshine of Portugal.

Take a trip to this blissful place: Alpine Yoga Centre

Best Yoga Retreat # 3: Suryalila

In this retreat centre you can find one of the nine internationally acclaimed styles of yoga “The Jivamukti” method. You begin your morning by deepening your understanding of asana (postures) and prana (breathing) styles. The evening is filled with open discussion on poses and philosophy of yoga.

This centre is located in Spain and offers vegetarian meals. Plan your stay today: Suryalila Retreat Centre

Top Yoga Retreats # 4: Yoga In Salento

Yoga in Salento based in Italy, helps you stay fit by teaching you to reconnect with your body, mind and soul. Known for its heavenly setting, Yoga In Salento offers vegetarian meals and provides you lessons on basic Ayurveda. The meditation techniques help you to become a better yogic.

Explore the base of Yoga In Salento

Best Yoga Retreat # 5: Kura Kura

Kura Kura offers you serenity for your mind, heart and overall body. It is the perfect spot to connect intimately to yourself. Situated in Bali, Kura Kura focus on old school yoga traditions: the participant has to stay with his or her teacher for the entire duration of the course. Here you will undergo a complete step by step yogic training, where your progress in each level is measured.

Sounds like a martial arts training guide, doesn’t it? Enroll today to explore further: Kura Kura Yoga Retreat

Top Yoga Retreats # 6: Eco Yoga Centre

Located in the wilds of Argyll Scotland, this beautiful retreat is owned by Nick and his wife. It provides a next to waterfall bathing experience. Food is plucked from organic garden of this retreat. It is built with under-floor heating which overlooks River Liever making your yoga session more exciting.

Plan your trip and rejuvenate with nature: Eco Yoga Centre

Best Yoga Retreat # 7: Sanctuary Retreat

Surrounded by the rainforest, this sanctuary is settled in northern Queensland, Australia. It provides the perfect opportunity to be at one with nature, with perfectly nestled chirping of birds and other forest creatures. You have a juice bar to energize your day, food to eat and a communal studio to practice, meet and greet with fellow vacationers.

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