An Introduction to Ompreneur: The Yoga of Entrepreneurship

Every day we bring you something new about yoga, whether it’s how to improve your posture or what kind of yoga is meant for people in their golden years. Today we bring you a completely different, but no doubt very creative, use of yoga.

Rebecca Prien is an amazing woman, with tremendous creative zeal. She has her thumb stuck in many, many pies and enjoys them all. She works as a strategy advisor to entrepreneurs and an attorney at law. In her busy schedule she also finds time for yoga.

She graduated from Princeton and then went on to Boston University for her law degree, she was even a member of the Law Review. She practiced for two years at 2 of the top US law firms, and then 2 US courts of Appeals. What we’re trying to establish here is that the woman has a solid head on her shoulders!

In 2009 she established her own law practice, Counsel to Creativity, which aimed at providing legal advice to entrepreneurs.

Earlier this year, she took it a step further by launching a new business called “Ompreneur” with her fiancé which combines everything she believes in.

And what is it exactly? She calls it the “Yoga of Entrepreneurship”. She offers advice to creative entrepreneurs, holistic advice on how to align their business with who they are and what they stand for.

We caught up with Rebecca to talk about the journey that was responsible for her unique outlook on life.

Q. Let’s start off with a question that’s probably been on the mind of many of our readers. How do you go from law to Ompreneur. How does your law degree and practice fit into all this?

I’ve always felt that I was creative as well as analytical. My legal background and practice has made me adept with the lingo and the mindset and I’ve always been passionate about creative endeavors such as writing and painting.

I’ve felt that there was a gap that needed to be bridged between the two and people who were just starting out with a new idea needed all the support they could find both in terms of legal and creative advice. They needed someone who could create a space where both would be merged into one.

Q. Tell us about Ompreneur, how did the idea for it start to come about?

I was taking Yoga classes religiously and everyday my Yoga instructor would talk about the holistic yoga approach and how it should be applied to everything in our lives. It gave me the idea that I should think of a way that combines everything I believe into one holistic solution for entrepreneurs.

In yoga we talk about a lot of unions of opposites: the yin with the yang; the hard with the soft; the masculine with the feminine. Everything has balance and everything is perfect when balance is restored to the universe.

I thought about applying the same strategy to business. If we take the analytical side to be the masculine part of the human psyche: precise, exact; dynamic. The feminine side would be the creative side: passionate; emotional; creative. My simple idea was to create a balance where they both got to have equal say and complemented each other.

Q. So, what you’re basically saying is that before creativity can take over you got to be in the right frame of mind for it. That doesn’t come about unless you have the basic structures in place first?

Definitely. Also yoga helps you understand that your business is not one entire immovable piece, it’s based on a lot of tiny moving parts and everything has to function smoothly. It takes a lot out of you but it’s rewarding at the end of the day.

Another Yoga teaching I bring to my business is that you have to accept the good with the bad; you can’t focus on the one and shy away from the other. Sometimes things go wrong and sometimes everything goes right, you just have to flow like water and let it all wash over you. “Be in the world but not of it”.

Source: Fitness Republic

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