Awakening Humanity with Modern Live Streaming Technology

“Sri Bhagavan, a spiritual avatar from Southern India, will be doing a special blessing to raise the Kundalini of those interested in meditating. This special blessing will take place every Saturday at 9:30am PST and 9:30pm PST. During the meditation, Sri Bhagavan will appear on live stream and gaze into the camera for a few seconds, then close his eyes. The viewers will follow suit. During the meditation, an energy that is at the base of your spine starts to move into your head. The Kundalini energy will help transform the individual and also man kind.

Oneness, a new and exciting spiritual philosophy, is gaining international momentum for its unique meditation processes that result in a more powerful sense of consciousness and awakening from the mind. Individuals from all walks of life, backgrounds and faith, have experienced profound change and improvements in their lives from practicing the Oneness Meditation and following Oneness teachings.

Besides Sri Bhagavan there are roughly 70 people around the world who are also able to send a high frequency energy – pure unconditional love to shift human consciousness. Now, with the help of modern live streaming technology, such as, meditators are able to reach thousands of people from around the world.

The movement itself, founded by Sri Amma Bhagavan, seeks to alleviate human suffering at its roots by awakening the individual. Awakened people no longer suffer from the overworkings of the mind. Everyone seeks connection and meaning in life; the foundation of Oneness is that inner transformation comes from an innate connectivity to the world and universe at large. “Before awakening, life was a struggle; we were slaves of the mind. After awakening, the mind is still there but it no longer dictates how you feel – it is merely an instrument used to function in our world, but it doesn’t go on like a broken record all day long,” says Oneness trainer Ruben Kachian.

In the words of Oneness founders Sri Amma Bhagavan, “Oneness Meditation is not about any teaching, belief or philosophy. It’s about your Awakening. This is for you.” The work of Oneness begins with the individual, and ends with setting humanity totally free. The transmission of Oneness has been extremely successful and will continue to be based on the amount of dedicated students, mediators and supporters that serves as the foundation of the Oneness Phenomena. The Oneness Meditation can be experienced live in person with a Oneness Meditator or can be experienced via live stream over the internet. Both mediums are equally powerful and can be felt immediately.

Though the connective and progressive ideology of Oneness and Oneness meditation are sweeping many countries, Oneness University remains the hub and the movements core. There are many resources in which to assist in achieving transformation and meditation, including webcasts, blogs and networks of teachers. Still, those who have been deeply pre-occupied with the external, material world and in need of extra focus have found that study through Oneness University is an integral part of infusing high consciousness into their lives. The University itself has proven a powerful assist for hundreds in unlocking an individuals innermost capabilities. Founded by the movements creators, Sri Amma Bhagavan, the Universitys mission has been to facilitate an important neurobiological shift in the individual to start a chain reaction of positive energy and frees the mind to appreciate the magic and beauty of life.

About Sri Amma Bhagavan

Sri Amma Bhagavan are the global visionaries behind the Oneness phenomenon whose lives have been dedicated to alleviating human suffering and helping people live more enriched, aware lives. Sri Amma Bhagavan support the limitless potential of human existence and understand the realm of possibility beyond the human condition, for the benefit of humanity.

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