Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray By Yoginiology Voted Best All-Natural Choice

One of the tenants of yoga is to clean the body, soul, and mind, which is difficult to do on a dirty mat. Yoga mat cleaner is the obvious solution to the problem, but it can be hard finding one that works. And it’s more than just being effective, a good mat cleaner spray should smell great, be all natural, and easy and convenient to use. Yoginiology’s recently launched product seems to hit all of those marks and more and was voted the best cleaning solution by yogis across New Mexico. Now available on Amazon (anyone can use special discount code: SMALLSAT at checkout on all day during November 30th to recieve an additional 30% discount for Small Business Saturday), the spray can be purchased by anyone interested in keeping his or her yoga mat in tip-top shape.

Julie Schoen, founder of Yoginiology and a professional yoga instructor in Albuquerque, New Mexico, created the unique formula yoga mat cleaner with organic lavender after being dissatisfied with other products she had tried over the years. “I’ve spent a lot of money on cleaning products for yoga mats,” she says, “but never found one that I loved or would recommend to my students.” Schoen says that among the issues she experienced the worst were the products that actually ruined her mat. “Mats are expensive so when you see the surface actually deteriorate before your eyes it is beyond frustrating.”

Yoginiology’s Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray is made with orange citrus oil and lavender essential oil from Schoen’s favorite organic and sustainable farm just outside Albuquerque. (She loves the farm so much that is actually where she and her husband of three years were married.) The finished product has a fantastic smell, but one that is not so overpowering that it can’t be used in class. The 8-ounce spray bottle is just the right size, lasting several months before needing a refill. Made completely in the United States, the spray bottle itself is both recyclable and biodegradable, making it the smart choice for yogis and the planet.

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