Poet Ramakrishnan Offers Guide to Life Living

Guru Nanak, founder of the Sikh religion, once said, “Let no man in the world live in delusion. Without a guru none can cross over to the other shore.” Author Ramakrishnan first met his mentor and guru in 1975 and demonstrates the immense impact the encounter had on his life, eventually leading to the inspiration for his book of poems.

In his book “Poet Writes with Guru’s Light,” Ramakrishnan provides readers with a spiritual guidebook to lead them on a journey to find age-old wisdom and primal tradition. Drawn from his life’s dedication to studying yogic devotion, visions, mentor teachings and meditation, the author reveals his path of healing with readers who are looking to connect with others on a deeper level.

The book offers a intrinsic look at the exquisiteness of health and beauty as well as the power of meditation and healing to inspire readers on their spiritual quest.

“This book is written for the longing heart, the heart that seeks union with kindred souls,” Ramkrishnan said.

Spurred from a lifetime of spiritual and physical agonies, Ramakrishnan encourages those who wish to commune with compatible souls and reveals his own experience with health and healing.

“Poet Writes with Guru’s Light”
By Ramakrishnan
ISBN: 978-1-4834-0136-2
Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Lulu online bookstores.

About the Author
Ramakrishnan was born in Trinidad in 1946. Plagued with pneumonia and spinal misalignment, his personal health problems began to heal after he encountered a guru in 1975 who taught him the fundamentals of the profound, primal wisdom tradition. He currently resides in Florida and continues to use writing to express his thoughts and aspirations.

Learn more about Ramkrishnan and his book at
http://www.poetwriteswithguruslight.com or on YouTube.

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