Yoga to keep belly fat in check this holiday season

Staying in shape for the holidays

During holiday season, most of us are worried about gaining weight. With all the delicious dishes and family gatherings filled with baked goods, how can one not get tempted? But there are ways to beat the battle of the bulge and improve fitness level before the New Year.

Continuing with our series on how to stay in shape during holidays and begin the new year on a healthy note, let us learn a simple posture to keep our belly fat in check.

Note: Though these postures are easy and can be practised at home, as with all the other exercises, it’s advisable to consult a doctor before starting them.

Posture: Toned abs


1. Lie down flat on your mat with your body in a straight line and your hands by your sides.

2. As you inhale, raise both your legs up at 30 degrees from the ground and hold the posture for 10 seconds.

3. Now lock your hands behind your head and as you exhale, get your elbow and knee together on either side.

4. Repeat this movement 30-50 times for each side before resting your body.

5. This whole cycle can be repeated 3-5 times depending on your fitness level. 

Benefits: This movement is very effective in burning belly fat as it works on the entire abdomen. 

Caution: People suffering from lower back pain must take care that they do not strain their back while practicing this posture.


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