Meditation Technology Company Releases a First and Breakthrough Program that Opens the Heart

iAwake Technologies, a brainwave and biofield entrainment (BWE) technologies company, releases today its latest discovery in meditation technology, the HeartWave™ Meditation, a new product offering that contains very powerful subtle energy frequencies specifically arranged to entrain not only the brain, but the heart and entire energetic system as well.

This is after Eric Thompson, HeartWave™ Meditation’s creator and iAwake Technologies Chief Technology Officer became aware of an emerging science that was pointing to the reality that the heart and not the brain is the true center of our being.

On this groundbreaking discovery and latest development in the brainwave entrainment community, Eric Thompson says: ‘Two significant developments occurred in my life — a heart-centered/compassion-centered spiritual practice and the creation of ultra-coherence in my immediate environment (through the use of the biofield technology). These initiated in me what had been missing from using the brainwave entrainment by itself: A profound and growing inner coherence, poise, resilience, and happiness that just keep growing to this day.’

Created with iAwake’s proprietary subtle energetic biofield technology, HeartWave™ Meditation is designed to communicate with the physical and energetic heart. It also contains biofield formulation such as White Light, Golden Mean Energy, Qi, Horizontal Negative Green, Orgone, Alpha, Theta and Delta Brainwaves, Heart Chakra, Heartwaves, Heart-Brain Connection, Heart Signature, Spiritual (Right) Heart Signature and Sacred Geometry – Chestahedron and Star Dodecahedron.

HeartWave™ Meditation will resonate with people who are looking for:
* Ways to dramatically reduce stress and access new creativity
* Experience deeper levels of blissful meditation and meaningful connection
* Opening of the heart’s innate compassion
* Experiencing the heart’s inmost wisdom and discernment

After a lifetime of struggling with severe depression, Thompson began integrating brainwave entrainment technology into traditional meditation practice. This let him experience a profound transformation in his life. These led him to develop his own proprietary brainwave entrainment technology with the help of his co-founders at iAwake Technologies, John Dupuy and Pam Parsons Dupuy.

To learn more about HeartWave™ Meditation, visit:

About iAwake Technologies: iAwake Technologies has been offering an ever growing library of transformational tools that help people from all walks of life dramatically experience deeper states of joy, peace and creativity. This is through the use of two primary and proprietary technologies in its products: Brainwave Entrainment and Biofield Entrainment.

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