Mentors Channel Announces the Launch of a New Meditation App for iPhone and iPad

Relaxation is one of the last things we think about during the rushed holiday season. Yet, being relaxed puts everyone in a better mood. Extensive research has proven how important meditation is to living a calm, peaceful life. Reported benefits go from slower respiration, lower blood pressure and even better immunity against diseases.

Finding a quiet time and place to meditate may be a challenge for some. Now Mentors Channel has made meditating so much easier by creating a free app for iPhone and iPad mobile devices.

The debut 21 Days of Gratitude mobile meditation app has just been released by Mentors Channel allowing meditation participants to:

. Access the meditations anytime, anywhere
. Listen to the meditations multiple times
. Keep a daily journal of thoughts and insights
. Enjoy the meditations for years to come

The 21 Days of Gratitude mobile meditation app enables users to access the daily meditations – including stunning visuals from award-winning cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg and meaningful insights on gratitude – anytime, anywhere on any iOS mobile device.

The mobile app is now available at the iTunes app store under the title 21 Days of Gratitude and it includes two free days of the series and the remainder of the days are available as an in app purchase. Now meditation practice is possible any hour of the day or night, usable almost anywhere, for a lifetime.

Source: PR Web

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