Meditation Book Offered As Free Download

“The Easiest Meditation Ever” just got a little easier.  For a brief five-day period, Drew Michaels, author of the exclusive “The Easiest Meditation Ever – A Simple Form of Meditation That Anyone Can Do,” has been offering the Kindle edition of the book for free to all readers, even if they don’t have a Kindle device.  The promotion will be ending this week.

Just released late last year, “The Easiest Meditation Ever” describes a style of meditation that takes typical challenges like sitting still and quieting one’s mind, and it cuts those steps completely out of the process.  With an emphasis on guiding thoughts more directly, the book has been receiving enthusiastic praise from readers for its non-traditional approach to meditating more effectively.  One reviewer on the book’s Amazon page described its technique as “simple and great,” noting how accessible it was for beginners, while another praised the technique’s flexibility in allowing the reader to modify some of the steps in the process.

When asked why he was offering the book for free, Michaels mentioned a desire to get word out faster about the book, but also gave a glimpse into his marketing strategy as well:

“Like all of my books when they’re first released on Kindle, I start at a price point of 99 cents just to break even from all the expenses I put into creating the book,” Michaels noted.  “Then I offer it for free for a couple of days to get it in the hands of more people.  And once that promotion is over, I dive back into profit mode and put it at a higher price, knowing that I already gave everyone an opportunity to grab an insane amount of value for either a very small amount of money, or in this case, completely free.”

“The Easiest Meditation Ever” is available for free download exclusively on right now, with a price increase expected near the end of this week.

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