Yoga by Audio Launches New Kickstarter Project

Started by two founders who have struggled to fit yoga into their busy work and family schedules, Audible Yoga seeks to answer a common problem: how to do yoga more often.

Audible Yoga’s goal is to help yogis who want to unplug from televisions and computer screens to practice yoga. It allows students to follow a teacher’s voice and practice wherever and whenever they can. It also helps those who do not have access to regular yoga teachers or cannot get to scheduled classes. Essentially, anyone who struggles to fit yoga into their schedule will benefit from yoga by Audio through Audible Yoga.

Starting February 16, 2014 Audible Yoga is a Kickstarter project ( This project seeks funding to record yoga classes and build the website to support teachers and students. The founders of Audible Yoga are putting their own skills and experience into the project. They believe that Kickstarter is the best way to reach those interested in contributing class recordings and doing yoga by audio. It’s also the best way to test the concept. The Audible Yoga Kickstarter Project hopes to raise just $10,000 in just 33 days and is offering pledge rewards that include:

  • 1-, 2-, and 5- year subscriptions for yogis (in singles and multiples for gifting)
  • A yoga teacher special for early loading of MP3 files and a training party
  • A startup entrepreneur special for those who want to get the inside scoop as well as a website design, logo, and copy for their website

According to a joint study by Yoga Journal and Sports Marketing Surveys in 2012 (Yoga in America 2012), almost 40% of the more than 20 million Americans who practice yoga consider themselves to be experienced at yoga. Nearly half of all yoga participants want to practice at home rather than in a classroom setting. Audible Yoga’s own survey found the desire to practice yoga outside the classroom setting was over 67% with 23% of those responding saying they would be willing to try yoga by audio (without video).

“Audible Yoga makes it possible to take classes that you’re comfortable with no matter where you are – on vacation, at business meetings, etc. It gives you the opportunity to try out different classes and different styles of yoga without having to travel to the teacher. Even if your favorite teacher is in a different part of the country, you have access to their classes. With Audible Yoga, you’ll be able to do yoga anywhere and have that trusted guidance of a teacher,” said Ashley Wilson, a photographer and yogi.

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