15th Shaolin Annual Qi Retreat: Zen Mindfulness – Infinite Mind

Shaolin Institute (http://www.shaolin-world.net) along with Shaolin Chan Foundation is hosting the 15th Annual Qi Retreat on Feb. 28 -March 3, 2014 at 1100 Ariola Drive, Pensacola Beach, FL 32561. The Theme of the Qi Retreat is “Body & Mind Connecting, Awakening and Cleansing.” From Zen Mindfulness to Tai Gong, we further the connection between our Inner Qi and Universal Qi through the Zen Mind to obtain Self-Nature: healing power, peace, wisdom and happiness within.

Alternative lodging for the 3-day retreat will be the upscale Beach Club, a resort residence and spa, located at 18 Via De Luna Drive, Pensacola Beach, FL 32561. All courses and meditation sessions will be conducted by Shaolin Grand Master Shi DeRu, a world-renowned teacher of Shaolin Zen meditation, nutrition, medicine and the healing arts.

The theme of the Shaolin Qi Retreat is body and mind connecting, awakening and cleansing. From Zen Mindfulness to Tai Gong transformation, inner Qi waves can be connected with the universal Qi through the Zen Mind, allowing one to ultimately perceive and obtain self-nature: healing power, peace, wisdom and happiness within.

“Zen (Chan 禅) Mindfulness – Tai Gong will be the main teaching course of the Qi (pronounced Chi) retreat. “Says the master, “It is through the Zen meditative mind, in connection with the inner self and universal Qi, that one can ultimately perceive and obtain true self-nature, including a healthy mind and body and happiness within.”

What is Zen meditation? When that question is raised, one of the assistants of the retreat explains. Our teacher taught us, “Zen Mindfulness is about connection between the positive Qi within our inner being and the infinite intelligence of the Universal Qi, which channels us to our self-nature – true health and happiness.”

According to Zen, “Bodhi” means wisdom which constitutes one’s self-nature, pure from the beginning. Zen is a way of living, combining Chinese naturalistic Dao philosophy with that of Buddhism, and believing one is a microcosm of the universe–that is, one’s mind is part of the universal, infinite mind. Unfortunately, our minds are constantly being cluttered, or ’spammed,’ just like our email in-boxes. Zen Meditation is about reprogramming and removing the clutter to reconnect with the original Qi.

According to the Chinese Zen mind concept, happiness, which includes a healthy body and a healthy mind, depends on one’s consciousness, thinking mind. If one focuses on health and wellness, one will accumulate positive healthy Qi in the body and mind. One’s strength of Qi signal will be more able to vibrate and reach the universal Qi and universal consciousness–that infinite intelligence which leads a healthy, conscious-being toward the fully functional, ultimate healthy being state.

To engage in Zen Meditation the Shaolin way is to relax, adjust the posture and breathe slowly, deeply and mindfully with complete mind engagement and positive Qi.

According to the master, “Zen is about an open mind and freedom of the body and mind to flow with the universal Qi, channeling one to be creative and productive–developing an endless fountain of wisdom. We meditate following the law of cosmic Qi of nature and the principles of the universe. When in harmony, we can build our inner subconscious Qi and ultimately find health, wellness and happiness.”

About Teacher
Grand Master Shi DeRu, 31st generation indoor disciple of the venerable Great Grand Master Shi Suxi, is a world-renowned Shaolin martial arts Master, highly sought after teacher, esteemed scholar. For more info: http://news.shaolin-world.net/

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