International Women’s Day: Everyday Health Apps For The Working Woman

Today is the 103rd anniversary of the first International Women’s Day and this commemorates the strides that women suffragists and advocates have made. While there has been a progression on number of issues, such as wage disparities and crimes against women there is still more efforts that need to be made. These are more than just a women’s issue, but global issues concerning human beings of all sexes, ages and races. Women are not only seen as mothers, but they make up a large number of the corporate and working communities. In order to help manage their busy lives, many smart phone apps have developed a number of apps geared to help working women. Here are a few of the best rated health-related ones:

1.       iPeriod: For working women, the surprise of their upcoming menstruation cycle might be a huge annoyance. Being able to track when your period might come and how long it might last can be extremely convenient. It is able to predict your ovulation and fertility, alerts you when your period is late and is able to track symptoms or moods.

2.       My Fitness Pal: This is a calorie counter that not only tracks your meal intake, but also tracks your exercise plan. So during the day, before you reach for that extra cookie, you can see what sweets you’ve already had for the day.

3.       Snapp!: This completely removes the needs for an old-fashion rolodex. It lets you collect and store all of those business cards you receive from your meetings and events.

4.       Stylebook: Don’t know what to wear? This app will tell you. You snap photos of your clothing and this app will pair different pieces together — helping you put together your look on the days you’re in a rush.

5.       Mint: When you’re on the go, it’s sometimes hard to manage your finances. Mint has an online version that lets your input your credit cards, checking information and any other debts. Using the app version lets you manage your money from your phone.

6.       Intuition + Mom’s Personal Assistant: The title might be a little misleading, it’s can be used for the working woman on the go. It helps to organize tasks, make a grocery list and synchs with your Google calendar.

7.       Yoga STRETCH: A little personal time in the morning is always a great start to your day. Combining that with yoga just tops everything off to make it better. This app will let you custom make a series of yoga stretches allowing you up to 60 minutes of “pure bliss”.

Source: Medical Daily

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