Dalai Lama voices support for gay marriage

The Dalai Lama has publicly voiced his support for gay marriage, explaining on the Larry King Now show, “If two people…really feel that way…and both sides fully agree, then okay.”

Throughout the interview, the Dalai Lama contextualized his support for gay marriage in terms of his own religious philosophy, saying, “People who have belief or who have special traditions, then you should follow according to your own tradition. Like Buddhism, there are different kinds of sexual misconduct, so you should follow properly” and “I think (it’s) OK” since “that’s an individual’s business.”

Throwing his weight behind the LGBT community, the Dalai Lama is in direct contrast with the Chinese government’s lack of gay rights legislation, the continued inability of gay Chinese couples to marry. On a positive note though, the Chinese government’s lack of LGBT support is somewhat antiquated compared to growing populist support for gay rights, including gay discrimination legislation.

Source: Shanghaiist.com

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