Yogavibes Forms Partnership with Universal Yoga Founder Andrey Lappa

YogaVibes is honored to announce its partnership with Andrey Lappa, a highly accomplished and influential yoga teacher. Andrey is the founder of the system called Universal Yoga – a system which draws from the essential rules and principles of authentic, ancient yogic science and skillfully weaves them together with internal techniques, complemented by unusual asanas and vinyasas specifically aimed to target the spiritual development of the individual.

Andrey Lappa began studying yoga at the age of 14 while living behind the Iron Curtain. Originally from Ukraine, Andrey has been practicing yoga for well over 30 years, and teaching professionally since 1988. He was the first student to emerge from the post-Soviet area of the world to study with BKS Iyengar and Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Totally devoted to the yoga practice, Andrey traveled extensively seeking the guidance of other great teachers and masters.

Andrey’s Universal Yoga classes are designed to transmit the yogic concepts of control, balance, creativity, karmic freedom and ultimate liberation for all practitioners of this ancient science.

Why YogaVibes?

“YogaVibes has the potential to reach a very wide audience, and this is good. Yoga should not be about easy. Easy is never effective. Authentic Yoga is about practicing and challenging yourself in body and mind for a great benefit – that is True Sadhana (spiritual practice). YogaVibes will help introduce these ideas from Universal Yoga to an audience seeking control, balance, creativity and spiritual development. I hope these classes inspire practitioners to dive deeper into Universal Yoga, and maybe I will see them sometime in my USA travels.”

To dive deeper into this unique system, check out the first of many Universal Yoga classes with Andrey Lappa on YogaVibes;

Upper and Lower Body Bliss: Universal Yoga Class for Balance of Body Energy

This online yoga class introduces turns on the mat in the most basic format – the “T” shape sequence. It is beautifully balanced to move the shoulders, the hips and the spine in every range of mobility while creating simple turns. (88 mins.)

Visit Andrey Lappa on YogaVibes to experience more Universal Yoga online and to enjoy a free online yoga video discussing the fundamentals of the Universal Yoga practice.

About Andrey Lappa

Andrey Lappa is a recognized Lama (teacher) in the Karma Kagyu lineage, a Vajrayana practitioner, the president of the Kiev Yoga Federation, the author of Yoga: Tradition of Unification, and the author of many posters, DVDs and software programs. Learn more about Andrey Lappa and Universal Yoga at

About YogaVibes

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