Celebrity posers have yoga world in a twist

Tara Stiles is sitting in a glass-walled truck parked outside the W Hotel on Lexington Avenue, preparing to roll around the city in a mobile yoga studio to promote FIT with Tara Stiles, a workout program at W Hotels.

As the model-turned-yogi contorts her lithe body into various poses, Midtown workers in suits and skirts curiously rubberneck to watch her twist and turn.

“Today will be my David Blaine moment in New York,” says Stiles with a self-deprecating laugh.

Stiles’ limber loop through the Big Apple may be a savvy marketing ploy, but it spotlights a growing phenomenon — the yoga showoff who’s more circus sideshow than beacon of motivation.

Yogis practice in the windows of Lululemon athletic-wear stores, their picture-perfect inversions literally on display.

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen frequently uploads yoga selfies: In one display, she and baby daughter Vivian do pigeon pose together; in another, she inserts herself into a picture-postcard view of the Arizona desert.

Lea Michele has posted photos of herself atop a picnic table mid-balance pose. Miranda Kerr flexes her muscles — and vanity — with snaps of her doing a backbend on the beach. And there’s a shot of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley standing on her head.

Source: New York Post

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