Yoga + dogs = DOGA (London’s newest fitness craze)

You may have mastered the downward facing dog years ago but now it’s time for your dogs to hit the yoga mats because ‘doga’  – or ‘dog yoga’ if you don’t want people to ask you the awkward ‘what’s doga?’ question – has come to London.

It is believed that ‘doga’ helps both owner and canine to relax by slowing their breathing which can improve both species’ immune systems. But how are you supposed to make a free-willed animal sit still and become one with the world? Hoisting them up into the air or using them as a pillow it seems. Mahny Djahanguiri, the brains behind London’s new trend, has admitted that the first 30 minutes of each session is usually ‘chaotic’ but reassures potential participants that ‘once the owner starts to relax… the dog will feel that too.’ Unsurprisingly, these classes are mainly taught in Kensington, Chelsea, Hammersmith, Fulham and Camden and cost £16 per class. We’re not sure if this trend is barking mad or barking up the right tree but either way, it’s here to stay… good boy.

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