The True Origins of Zen

Zen is all about the individual their intuition and personal life experiences. In a million lifetimes there is nothing that anyone can say about their own personal spiritual journey that could help others attain liberation. If we had the hard job of defining Zen we could say it’s just about ‘Me, me, me’ and nobody else. Very very selfish, I hear you thinking!

Buddha was a the ultimate free thinker, but when he recounted his own personal experiences Buddhism was rapidly turned into a religion with all the rituals rules and dogmas that all religious cults adhere to.The origins of Zen are based on this very phenomenon: It’s so irrational nobody can grasp onto it and make it into a holy doctrine.

‘I have become free, I was guided by my own intuition’ what more can anyone really say? Which leads us nicely onto the creation of Zen koans, or ‘ Irrationality at it’s craziest’. If delusion is the main cause of all our suffering and confusion, then the answer to delusional thinking has to be pretty damn weird or we aren’t going to understand it.

A crazy solution to a crazy human dilemma, now that makes perfect sense. In other words Zen is like the morning mist, by the time you’ve woken up, it’s evaporated.

‘Talking about Zen is like shooting fish in an empty barrel.’

So what’s the point of all this nonsense? You must look inside yourself and listen to your natural thoughts and trust in your own intuition to become free: the moment that process becomes ritualised dogmatised and dressed up in robes it is not longer true Zen; it’s been turned into a corrupt religion.

So bringing some sort of logic back into the equation we could safely say this: ‘I was not born free, but now I am trying to become free’. That’s our starting point, the first dot we place on the the blank sheet of paper: our mission statement. Now we have defined goal to aim for, how you actually attain that goal is up to you: ultimately nobody can live another person’s life for them, or instruct them on the process of enlightenment and liberation, because it’s a totally intuitive process.

So what is intuition? Intuition is the real you, ‘the voice of common sense’, your ‘true nature’ after the pesky ‘emotional self’ has been discounted. Now we have a defined ‘End goal.’ On our imaginary sheet of paper we have a single dot, ‘The beginning’, and a line drawn at the bottom of the page ‘The end’.

The narrative is yours to write.

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