‘The Urban Yoga’, Slovenian Architect Experiments With Space by Performing Yoga Poses Within Urban Environments

Anja Humljan, an architect and yogi from Slovenia, has developed The Urban Yoga, a project in which she experiments with how human bodies interact with space by performing various yoga poses in the different urban environments of New York, Paris, Madrid, and Ljubljana. Photos captured the grace of her body movements against the grit of each city.

As an architect and yogi, I believe cities should not be regarded as something, which disturbs our harmony, but rather as a vital element that contributes to it. So, I went of the mat and into the city to change the way we feel, breath and think about urban environment. Together we are raising the importance of urban spaces that are not only visually and technologically stunning, but are designed with human in mind.

The complete set of these photos has been put into The Urban Yoga Book, which was successfully funded through Kickstarter.

urban-1 urban-2 urban-3 urban-4 urban-5

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