1. Get out of your head and into the present moment. Step off land and allow yourself to be supported by a new foundation, the vast, wide-open ocean! Leaving the comfort of what you know and breaking into a foreign space is where change happens, freedom erupts, and inspiration is found.

2. The physical benefits outweigh a typical land workout. You will undoubtedly strengthen and tone your abs, obliques, biceps, triceps, shoulders, and even your feet. In order to stabilize and balance in the water, your muscles must engage and work hard giving you a fit physique you’ll want to show off!

3. You can tan while you workout! Imagine floating on the water with the sun beaming down as you strengthen and tone your body. Who wouldn’t want to experience this bliss?

4. You will challenge yourself on a whole new level. SUP Yoga is a perfect way to cross train whether you are an experienced yogi, a fit athlete, runner, or a pro paddler. The board is constantly moving, the water is never predictable, and you can incorporate unique postures and breath work that will keep you craving more!

5. Your endorphins will reach an all time high! Being out on the water can create shifts in thoughts, moods, and perspectives. Take time to appreciate the outdoors, as you practice yoga and workout in nature.

Take an epic chance! Spend a day outdoors on a board, paddle out into the open sea and expand your active lifestyle to greater depths than you knew possible. Surrender your mind, body, and soul as you allow the waves of the ocean to support you fully.

Source: Roxy Blog

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