GUIDE NUMBER ONE: Eat as much food as you want until you are satisfied, as long as you eat the right foods prepared in the right way.

“The right foods are the simplest foods that grow from the earth in their most unadulterated, organic form – fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits, sprouted seeds, raw nuts and seeds, grains, beans, legumes, pulses – and certain vegetable proteins such as tofu together with some fish or organic turkey or chicken. It’s what I call the “Diet of Abundance” – you’ll find there are dozens of perfect foods you can eat all day long and feel great! “

GUIDE NUMBER TWO: Never get fixated on weight.

“If there’s one thing I can teach you, it’s that what you resist will persist. So if you become fixated on your weight, then you’ll only make it a bigger issue for yourself. Ditch the weight issue. Forget it. It simply does not work. We’ve got more important things to do. Once you finally let the weight issue go, and adopt a new lifestyle plan, your body weight will regulate itself. Believe me, this is true. “

GUIDE NUMBER THREE: Don’t do fad diets – They don’t work in the long run.

“I’ve never seen a fad diet that really worse in the long term. Some may work in the short term but all too often, once the dieter goes off their diet, they put the weight back on to an even greater extent than before. There’s no end to the number and variations of these fad diets, and the problem I have with most of them is that they restrict too many different foods and food groups, leaving you nutritionally starved. Apart from anything else, some of them can cause a loss of essential fatty acids (EFA) – Which are actually needed for weight loss or weight management – mineral imbalances, hormonal problems, vitamin deficiencies, gastric disturbances. When you care about good health, the weight issue will fall into place.”

GUIDE NUMBER FOUR: This is a plan for LIFE.

“This simple philosophy needs to become your second nature. TO start with, you might want to carry books into the supermarket or health food store to make the right purchasing choices; use books in the kitchen at home for recipes; take it to work for referring to quick snacks; and take them to restaurants for meal ideas. The “You Are What You Eat” concepts integrate and interconnect into every realm of your life. This is your route to wellness, happiness, and a great body.”

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